Village Square Improvements


Extensive plans had been drawn up by Gartmore Community Trust to make quite elaborate changes to the village square but when funding wasn't forthcoming, residents decided they should do what they could themselves.  The Village Square Group was formed and they started with the War Memorial site.  Stirling Council removed the overgrown trees and shrubs and the group got together one sunny weekend in June 2007 to turf and plant the area.


This led on to a general tidying up of the area and funds were raised by the Community Council, Community Trust and Stirling Council to re-tarmac the driveway into the Village Hall.


The Village Shop


Before the Village Club was sold as a private dwelling house, it needed some care and attention. Saturday 20th October 2007 saw a small group of volunteers turn out to give it a well-needed 'lick of paint'.


Before paint...


and after...


The Village Square group were successful in their bid to Colouring the Community and received free paint and materials from Dulux Decorator Centres to do the job.  There was also enough paint to donate some to the Community Shop for their share of the gable end.


One of the conditions in selling the Village Club as a dwelling house meant that a drystone dyke at the far end of the playpark had to be moved and relocated to form a boundary wall.  With help from the Drystane Dykers Association, a local group of volunteers dismantled and rebuilt the whole wall in a weekend!  Click on the Youtube link below and have a look at our efforts.