Gartmore Village Shop

Gartmore Village Shop is a convenience store that sells groceries, off-licence beverages, newspapers and pharmaceutical products, as well as providing post-office facilities. The community has run the shop since January 1998. The previous owners wanted to sell the property with the possibility of a residential development. However, the local people were concerned about the possible loss of the village shop and set up a committee to explore their options. A feasibility study was carried out by 8 people from the sub-committee to canvas local opinion on the community-purchase of the shop. Of the 250 adult villagers, 130 subsequently bought shares in a community co-operative.


However, the shop needs continued support as it faces challenging times ahead.  Every villager in Gartmore is urged to try and spend a minimum of £5.00 per week to ensure its future!  Please do what you can as the shop is a lifeline for many, if not all of us, at some time during each year!

Monday - Friday









7am - 1pm


3pm - 5pm


8am - 1pm


9am - 1pm


Opening Hours 


Monday - Friday


9am - 1pm

Post Office

Tel: 01877 382214

Email: gartmoreshop@btconnect.com




If you are unable to come into the Shop we can usually arrange delivery to local addresses. Please call or email us for further details.



If you can volunteer in any way to help out serving in the shop, putting away stock, collecting fruit and veg orders, delivering goods to people, cleaning the shop or any other task you might want to suggest - please contact a member of the shop staff asap.