Gartmore Community Trust SCIO

Anyone interested in becoming involved with the work of the Trust should get in touch with Vicky Glasse-Davies (01877 382457) or by emailing  gartmorecommunitytrust@gmail.com



The aim of the Trust is to work in partnership with the community to shape the future of Gartmore and its environs. The Action Plan for 2018-2023 gives information about the village and details its aims. It is available to view on this website or in The Village Shop, Primary School, Church and Black Bull Hotel. Membership is open to adults (18 and over) living and working in the Gartmore Community Council area. Application forms to join the Trust are available from any of the Trust Board members or from the Village Shop. Details of current projects and the work of the Action Groups will be updated on this site and in the Gartmore News.


Community Action Plan 2018-2023





Alastair Newton - Chair


Katie Goldie - Vice Chair


John Pitts - Treasurer    


Vicky Glasse-Davies - Secretary              


Ian Dinwoodie - Community Council Representative


Gerry McGarvey - HMG Representative


Stephen Hart            


Co-opted Trustees:


Eleanor Hamilton


Angie Newton - Paths Group


Andy McCandlish


Netta Pitts - Membership Secretary