Gartmore Community Council

The Community Council is a statutory elected body which meets to consider issues of relevance to the whole community. It deals with planning applications, traffic and road safety, public amenities and matters brought to the Council's attention by residents. The Council represents the community in dealings with Stirling Council and the National Park authority.

Community Council Committee:


Janet Billett - Chairperson and Planning Representative

Ian Dinwoodie - Vice Chairperson

Janey Fleming - Secretary

Chris Sheldon - Treasurer

Colin Scrimgeour - Committee Member

Gerry McGarvey - Committee Member

Wayne Glasse-Davies - Committee Member



The next meeting of Gartmore Community Council will be held on Wednesday 5th April at 8.00 pm in Gartmore Village Hall.

Contact us at : council@gartmore-village.co.uk






GCC minutes 1st February 2017 (1)