Gartmore Community Council

The Community Council is a statutory elected body which meets to consider issues of relevance to the whole community. It deals with planning applications, traffic and road safety, public amenities and matters brought to the Council's attention by residents. The Council represents the community in dealings with Stirling Council and the National Park authority.

Community Council Committee:


Janet Billett - Chairperson

Ian Dinwoodie - Vice Chairperson

Janey Fleming - Secretary

Chris Sheldon - Treasurer

Anne Jackson - Planning Representative

Romma Davidson-Kelly - Committee Member

Gerry McGarvey - Committee Member

Wayne Glasse-Davies - Committee Member



The next meeting of Gartmore Community Council will be held on Wednesday 1st February at 8.00 pm in Gartmore Village Hall.

Contact us at : council@gartmore-village.co.uk

News  - come to our next meeting to find out more. Headings in red have been recently updated*


*Bus Services. From 30th January 2017, the Fintry DRT service has been extended to include Buchlyvie. This will enable travel to be booked between Gartmore and Buchlyvie for access to the Surgery and alternative bus links to Stirling. Please note the Fintry DRT does not operate on a Sunday. Full details of the amended DRT service and linked bus timetables may be downloaded from the leaflet below.  A printable booklet may be downloaded here and updated copies will be available in the Village Shop shortly.


Please contact the Community Council if you have any issues or concerns about current bus services.


*Volunteers in the Countryside. The August newsletter from Stirling Council has a lot of interesting information on access and path work carried out by the Council, volunteers and path groups together with a list of countryside events. Read a copy here.


*Stirling Council Community News Sheet. Download a copy of the July edition here.


*Broadband. The latest (July) quarterly update from Digital Scotland of exchanges to be upgraded to high speed broadband in Scotland does not include any in the Stirling Council area. This is a big disappointment for Gartmore and all the other local rural communities, who will have to wait another three months before the next list of upgrades is issued.


Rural Stirling Housing Association. Representatives from Gartmore Community Council met with Tony Teasdale, Director of Rural Stirling Housing Association (RSHA). RSHA are a registered charity who own 8 properties for rent in Jellicoe Avenue, and a total of 505 rented and 28 shared ownership homes across the rural Stirling area. RSHA have been tasked by the National Park to look at opportunities for developing further affordable housing sites. They have no plans for any development in Gartmore at present, but will be undertaking a survey to establish if further development of affordable housing is required to meet local need.


Working with You. Download a copy of Stirling Council's first Priority Based Budgeting Newsletter here.


LIVE PARK - Planning for the Future of our National Park. Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park is required to update the 2011 Local Plan for future development in the National Park for the next 20 years. The new Local Development Plan (LDP) will replace the current Local Plan when it expires in 2015.


The LDP will covers issues such as the extent and suitability of sites for new housing, economic and tourist development, infrastructure and services.


Gartmore Community Council had a presentation from Susan Brooks from the National Park at its meeting on 4th June. Details are in our minutes and on Susan's blog www.ourlivepark.com/people-of-gartmore-share-their-views/.


Now is your chance to tell the National Park what you think before the LDP is prepared. Further information is available on the National Park's dedicated website www.ourlivepark.com including details of how to respond. A copy of the Main Issues Report is also available in Gartmore Village Shop. The consultation runs until 7 July 2014.


20 MPH Speed Limit. Gartmore Community Council campaigned for years to get the speed limit reduced to 20 mph in the Main Street and was delighted when this was finally achieved. However we continue to receive reports of motorists exceeding this limit which we view with great concern.

Police Scotland have recently carried out hand radar monitoring at our request but this does not give a true reflection of driver behaviour and the results have not been made available to us. We have asked Stirling Council to undertake a full speed survey to ascertain the extent of speeding and it is hoped that this will be completed before the school holidays. Stirling Council also intend to make some minor improvements once the resufacing works have been completed which include more roundels, repeater signs and some coloured surfacing panels.


We hope to publish the results of the speed survey on the website once completed. For comparison the full results of the last speed survey conducted before the introduction of the 20 mph limit may be downloaded here, which may be of interest. It is encouraging to note that very few drivers were found to be exceeding the 30 mph limit, but disappointing that the highest number of offenders were detected for cars travelling up the Main Street on a Friday morning between 8.00 and 9.00 am, just when the children were making their way to school!


We trust the recent publicity will mean the new survey will show a reduction in people exceeding the speed limit. Please remember 20 mph is the maximum speed - even that can be considered as too fast when there are parked cars on both sides of the street and children going to school.


Forestry Car Parking. Annual season tickets may be purchased for £20 at Gartmore Community Shop. The season ticket covers all pay car parks within the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park i.e. Sallochy, Rowardennan, Ben Venue, Ben A'an, 3 Loch Forest Drive and the Lodge. All other Forestry Commission car parks are free.


Gartmore Phone Box. Gartmore Community Council has been made aware that the pay phone has been removed from the village phone box, and that the box (a listed building) has been purchased by Trossachs Search and Rescue for the installation of a defibrillator. Whilst we regret the removal of the telephone without consultation, we support the installation of a defibrillator in the village.


National Park Gateway Sign. Some time ago the National Park submitted plans for a new National Park sign on the A81. The Community Council and local businesses objected to the proposed location as it was north of the village near to Windy Gates. The National Park has had a site meeting with the Community Council to discuss an alternative location. It is now proposed that the sign will be sited on the east side of the A81 set back from the road immediately north of the Offerance Farm entrance. It is not ideal but is the only site identified which does not obscure visibility and meets road safety requirements. This is still to be approved so anyone with objections is asked to contact the Community Council as soon as possible. Also discussed were new village signs and the possibility of brown tourist signs promoting local facilities.


Demand Responsive Transport (DRT). The Trossachs DRT service has been extended to Gartmore in the evenings (19.00 - 22.00 hours only). Although primarily to allow access to evening activities at McLaren High School, this service may be used to travel anywhere within Trossachs Area scheme (see map). Passengers from Gartmore wishing to use the service at other times will have to take the C11 service bus to Aberfoyle for onward connection with a pre-booked DRT service.


DRT bookings should be made 24 hours in advance, although every effort will be made to accommodate passengers booking on shorter notice. Passengers pay the equivalent cost of a bus fare and Scottish National Entitlement Cards are accepted. Leaflets with further information are available in the village shop.


New booking contact numbers have been issued as follows:


Crescent Cabs: 01877 382587

J Morgan Taxis: 01877 330496

W Miller Taxis: 01786 850639

Buchanan Cabs - 01877 385666


Leaflets are available in Gartmore Village Shop with further details.


Planning Applications. Gartmore Community Council has received notice of the following planning applications - click on the reference number for further information:


2014/0170/DET  Creation of new field access. Land At Windygate Aberfoyle Stirling.


2014/0178/HAE Replacement of existing windows and exterior door. Hazel Cottage Main Street Gartmore Stirling FK8 3RJ


Services for Older People. The Royal Voluntary Service (formerly WRVS) provide a number of services to older people in Stirling. These include providing transport to attend medical appointments, help with shopping and providing information and support. Further information on the services available and volunteering opportunities are available here, or by contacting the Forth Valley Branch on 01786 450718.


Community Policing. Police Scotland has issued proposed changes to the policing model across Forth Valley and further details are available here with a further update here. Members of the Community Policing Team are listed here.


Community Partnership. Download the Spring/Summer newsletter here.