Gartmore Community Council

The Community Council is a statutory elected body which meets to consider issues of relevance to the whole community. It deals with planning applications, traffic and road safety, public amenities and matters brought to the Council's attention by residents. The Council represents the community in dealings with Stirling Council and the National Park authority.

Community Council Committee:


Janet Billett - Chairperson and Planning Representative

Ian Dinwoodie - Vice Chairperson

Janey Fleming - Secretary

Chris Sheldon - Treasurer

Colin Scrimgeour - Committee Member

Gerry McGarvey - Committee Member

Wayne Glasse-Davies - Committee Member



The next meeting of Gartmore Community Council will be held on Wednesday 4th April at 8.00 pm in Gartmore Village Hall.

Contact us at : council@gartmore-village.co.uk


News  - come to our next meeting to find out more.


Bus Services -  A printable booklet may be downloaded here and updated copies are available in the Village Shop.


Please contact the Community Council if you have any issues or concerns about current bus services.


Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)


DRT bookings should be made 24 hours in advance, by 3pm the previous day via Stirling Council 0845 277 7000.  


Minutes - recent copies of the Community Council minutes are available to view on the noticeboard on the bus shelter next to Gartmore Community Shop or on Stirling Council's website. Alternatively, click on this link to download and view.




Draft minutes of Gartmore community Council 7th Feb 2018


Chris Sheldon, Ian Dinwoodie, Gerry McGarvey



Janet Billett, Janey Fleming, Wayne Glasse-Davies, Colin  Scrimgeour.Martin Earl SC, Willie Nisbet NP, Michelle Flynn SC.


The minutes of the previous meeting on December 6th were approved JB/CS There were no matters arising.


Police report 

PC McKerracher attended the meeting and advised us that there were no particular issues or problems that had arisen during the past 2 months. The police will be attending the Main Street with their radar speed gun and will also be keeping an eye on parking

at the top of the village on and near the corner. Large vehicles find it difficult to negotiate the corner if people park there. The mobile police office will be in the Square over the next months and the times are available in the shop.



There were no new planning applications to discuss, except an application to replace a front door at No2 Smarts Cottages

and it was hoped this might be more in keeping with the others.


Community Trust report 

No report had been submitted.


Treasurer’s report 

The a/c stands at £874.12 with 2 payments pending.



1. It was agreed that the Community Council would apply for a grant to buy a non-motorised gritter and snow plough and

possibly another grit bin. We are also requesting that the grit bin at the bottom of Cayzer Court be moved to nearer the top

of the slope. We are going to ask Stirling Council for more grit to be supplied for use with the grit spreader when we

purchase this.


2. New telegraph poles…..we discussed the ownership of the back lane, but did not come to any clear conclusion other

than it was thought to be common land.


3. Martin Earl was asked about the cost of DRT and said he thought it was definitely working out cheaper than providing

a regular bus service. He said he could find out the cost for us.


4. We agreed to send the minutes to Peter Hunt who has undertaken the talk of updating the village website.


Date of next meeting Wednesday, 4th April 2018 at 8pm