Gartmore Community Council

The Community Council is a statutory elected body which meets to consider issues of relevance to the whole community. It deals with planning applications, traffic and road safety, public amenities and matters brought to the Council's attention by residents. The Council represents the community in dealings with Stirling Council and the National Park authority.

Community Council Committee:


Janet Billett - Chairperson and Planning Representative

Ian Dinwoodie - Vice Chairperson

Janey Fleming - Secretary

Chris Sheldon - Treasurer

Colin Scrimgeour - Committee Member

Gerry McGarvey - Committee Member

Wayne Glasse-Davies - Committee Member



The next meeting of Gartmore Community Council will be held on Wednesday 4th October at 8.00 pm in Gartmore Village Hall.

Contact us at : council@gartmore-village.co.uk


News  - come to our next meeting to find out more.


Bus Services -  A printable booklet may be downloaded here and updated copies are available in the Village Shop.


Please contact the Community Council if you have any issues or concerns about current bus services.


Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)


DRT bookings should be made 24 hours in advance, by 3pm the previous day via Stirling Council 0845 277 7000.  


Minutes - recent copies of the Community Council minutes are available to view on the noticeboard on the bus shelter next to Gartmore Community Shop or on Stirling Council's website. Alternatively, click on this link to download and view.





    Draft minutes of Gartmore Community Council meeting                                               on  Wednesday 2nd August 2017


Apologies..............................Colin Scrimgeour

Present.......Janet Billett, Ian Dinwoodie, Janey Fleming, Chris Sheldon, Wayne Glasse-Davies, Gerry McGarvey.

Jeremy McDonald SDC, Anne Sobey NP, Douglas Baillie SDC,

4 members of the public


Minutes of last meeting...........These were approved GM/ID


Anne Sobey NP gave us an overview and update on the progress of the Community Action Plan for Gartmore which it is hoped will be completed by November.  There will be another drop-in session in the village hall for people to put their views, and there has been quite a good response from the household survey and the first drop-in session.


Douglas Baillie SDC brought us up to date with the progress of superfast broadband towards the village, but although Gartmore is supposed to be getting Fibre to the Premises which is the best of all possible options it is still extremely unclear as to the timescale.  


Matters arising.............

Dog fouling....the problem seems to be less severe and there are poo bags in the shop.  Posters are coming soon and JB will be out with the pink spray where and when necessary.

Cemetery trees.....SDC admit the 3 silver birches have been killed by strimmer damage so we will ask them for compensation for replacement trees.

Waste services......the CC is still receiving complaints about the pull-out service and will write again to SDC.


Police report.......no police were able to attend the meeting and there was nothing of significance in their written report.


Planning.......The CC supports the application to rebuild Viewfield but would like it to be a condition that the back lane is reinstated and kept clear as far as possible.


Trust Report.......The minutes of the Trust are in the folder in the shop.


Treasurer's report......There is £617.86 in the CC account.


AOB.......New councillor Jeremy McDonald introduced himself and will follow up some of the points raised at the meeting.  The councillors are looking at more pro-active ways to meet people and serve them than the present system of surgeries.


Date of next meeting.....Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 8pm








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